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  19/5  Sri Dharmerama Road,  
  Sri Lanka.  
  Yohan Samarakkody-
0772 348260
  Ranga Fernando





Welcome to cocopeat and Coir Works

Sri Lanka is the world’s largest exporter of coir fiber. New technology introduction to our coir sector has greatly enhance our coir appeal in the competitive global marketplace. Our company is one of the largest exporters of COCO Peat and Coir products in Sri Lanka. Coconut base substrates are presently exported as inputs in cultivation activities which are in great demand in countries such as Canada, America, Eastern and Western Europe, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Russia and the Middle East.

Our company has gained a good reputation in the international market for the short time we’ve been in business. Our target is to always provide the highest quality of products and to maintain an ECO friendly environment and being able to customize products to the customer requirement. The products range we export are in the form of grow bags, coir pith bales, coir bulk forms, coir pots, husk chips , Geo mats and Erosion control logs etc.. for which a great demand exists in the international market.

While being reasonably priced and having a range of products and the standards that’s unmatched by our competitors we have achieved what other competitors have struggled to achieve. All products we supply are in compliance with ISO 9001 certification. As we thrive for higher goals, our company was able to understand the global market and the requirements of the buyers quickly and to fill the market gap with our fine range of products. The latest equipment and machinery we use in the manufacturing process have given us the competitive edge, with efficiency and product quality. We would like to keep our promise to our customers and deliver the highest quality of products in years to come. © 2014 Heladiva Coir PVT LTD.
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