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  Erosion Control  
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Erosion control blankets are made of coconut coir fiber with photo degradable or biodegradable top and bottom grids stitched up together forming a sandwich. Top and bottom layers hold coir fiber with the help of stitched yarn. The latest machinery we use in the manufacturing process helps us to manufacture the coir blankets to a very high standard. Since it’s rolled very tightly by the machine the length and width of the blankets are greater giving the customer more advantage.


• Bio-degradable and Eco friendly.
• Easy to install and maintain.
• UV resistant.
• Absorbing water and preventing top soil in dry seasons.
• High tensile strength and durability.

We could supply erosion control blankets with PP netting or PP / Jute combination.
Density - 300 GSM to 1000 GSM
Width - upto 2.4 meters
Length - upto 50 meters
ero mat   errormat


Biodegradable, coir geotextile mats are manufactured using hand twisted yarn as well as machine spun twine. They are for all soil bioengineering and erosion control applications in stream banks, slopes, wetlands, hillside soils and golf course development.


* Environment friendly
* Will last long time before decomposing
* Very resistant to UV degradation as compared to
Synthetic mats
* Ability to handle high water velocities. - High water
absorption capacity of coir fiber promote seed germination
* Excellent results in Hydro seeding - Will decompose after a period of time leaving excellent mulch for the growing vegetation
* Cost effective compared to synthetic mats

Depending on its application and exposure, coco mat lasts upto five years. This extended longevity period allows enough time to establish adequate vegetation allowing erosion control the way nature intended.

Coco geotextile mats are available in standard sizes of:
Grade Width Length Warp/Weft Mesh Size
400 G/SM 2M 50M 28/20 4X4CM
700 G/SM 2M 50M 40/30 2X2CM
900 G/SM 2M 50M 48/36 1.5X1.5CM
coco mat1 coc mat coco mat3

Apart from above standard specification, product can be tailor made to suit your specification.


Coconut Coir logs are made from 100% natural coir fibers compressed into cylindrical mesh netting.

Coir Logs will last upto 4-10 years and can be easily installed and will blend naturally into the environment over time.

Coir Logs are strong, yet flexible rolls which prevent soil erosion, hold mineral and organic particles and provide a stable structure for root growth.

Coir Logs are designed to withstand wave impact and storm water sheet flow forces, thus the preferred product for stabilization and re-vegetation of sites where you encounter steep slopes or exposure to waves or currents, causes instability.

They find applications in lake and seashores, stream banks and in deserts to prevent sand drifts.

Standard sizes are:

Diameter – 30cm, 50cm
Length – 3M, 6M
Weight – 30 kg, 40 kg


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